The gutter system protects the foundation of your home and its walls. Gutters reduce the amount of water that gets into the base of your house. Without them, water can trickle down your home’s exterior and reach all the way into its foundations. This may result in major structural problems, which means many costly repairs.

The outside structure of your property can be damaged by rainwater running off of your roof and down the sides of your home. Gutters divert the water away from your home and make sure it doesn’t seep down causing damage to the siding. Without gutters the water can potentially enter through crevices and cracks in your siding causing leaks and rotting from the inside. By having a quality gutter system installed you will avoid expensive home repair costs.

The installation of gutters can help in reducing the risk of bugs and insects gathering around or getting inside your roof. They will usually be attracted to the pooling water that occurs on your roof when there is no gutter system to drain it. Once there, and without regular roof maintenance, pests can even gain access to the interior of your home. Installing gutters will eliminate ponding water on the roof, which also means no more unwanted bugs and insects.

Gutters finish off the look of your house and prevent the potential destruction of your yard and soil. Heavy rain can cause water to run down the sides of your home and can create puddles that collect dirt and debris which will float and spread all over your yard, even leading to landscape erosion. A proper drainage system will make sure water is adequately directed and prevent it from destroying your yard. It will also increase your home’s curb appeal along the way.