If your siding is showing signs of wear and is requiring regular maintenance, it may be time for replacement. Loose or missing siding can cause damage to the underlying wood components of your home and can invite pests like termites, woodpeckers and small rodents that can cause extensive damage to the structure.

Fading color, buckling, cracking, sagging, blistering, warping and rot are all signs that your siding has reached its end-of-life. It also reduces the curb appeal and overall performance of the exterior envelope of your home.

If you discover areas of moisture damage inside of your home, for example rot, mold or mildew, you should investigate the exterior of your home in that area to see if there is an issue with your siding failing.

Siding can have a wide array of lifespan expectancy. For instance, vinyl siding can last 20-25, however the lifespan can be extended with regular maintenance such as cleaning and regular inspections for any cracks or damage. Proper installation is essential to the overall performance of your siding.