Repair Request Form

We are offering exterior repairs on a limited basis. Please fill out the form below and review our repair agreement to begin the process.

Repair Request Agreement

Mutual Communication:

  • Please describe the issue as best as you can
  • We will do our best to provide you with clear project outlines, cost and repair timelines.
  • We appreciate your assistance in agreeing on desired timelines, budget, insurance details if applicable and other relevant information.
  • (This includes if work is performed prior to our arrival)*

Assistance in Gathering Information:

  • Detailed information on problem including location, severity, etc.
  • Providing photos expedites the repair process

Agreement on Minimum Pricing::**

  • Assessment (No Work Performed): $150
  • Minimum work performed : $550

*If we visit your project and repairs are already completed our minimum cost still applies
**These prices are subject to change depending on complexity of repairs

Your Information